How melatonin and other hormones are connected to sleep?

How melatonin and other hormones are connected to sleep?

Melatonin is an important hormone that affects your sleep. There are other hormones as well that have an effect on your sleep quality. Melatonin affects your sleep in many ways.

It controls your sleep cycle

 It controls the cycle of your sleeping and waking. When you are exposed to light, your brain gets stimulated. There is suprachiasmatic nucleus  (SCN) in the brain that sends signals to the rest of the parts of the brain that deals with hormones. When we are exposed to light, the SCN releases stimulating hormones such as cortisol and increases our body temperature as well. During daytime, the SCN prevents the release of melatonin hormone. During the night, at about 9 pm, the melatonin hormone gets released and makes you feel sleepy till the next morning. During the daytime, this hormone stays inactive.

Causes winter depression

During the winter, the days are shorter. So, the melanin gets released either earlier or later than the normal time. This leads to winter depression. The production of melatonin drops suddenly. This affects your sleep.

Used as supplementary

Melatonin supplements are great for treating insomnia or jet lags. So, if you are suffering from sleep problems, you can take some melatonin supplements to get good results. It can help you to fall asleep quickly.

Consequence of electronic devices

When you take electronic devices in your bed, the blue light from the screens of these devices affects your melatonin levels. So, you find it more difficult to sleep. On the other hand, red light can induce sleep as it improves melatonin levels.

Reason for stress

Before your bedtime, the level of melatonin increases and that of cortisol decreases. If you are suffering from stress, then it’s likely that the two hormones will become misaligned. So, you will have sleep problems.

Melatonin hormone and other hormones play a vital role in your sleeping habit. These hormones control whether you will have a good sleep or bad. You should try to keep aside your electronic devices before going to bed. It is better to sleep when the melatonin levels are high. You should try to avoid any distraction before sleeping.

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