How Can A Mattress Topper Help Your Old Mattress?

How Can A Mattress Topper Help Your Old Mattress?

Sleeping on an old mattress can cause sleep deprivation which in turns turn your good day bad you’re your mattress has aged up and lost its comfort and support don’t throw it just yet. You may consider adding a mattress topper on it.

A mattress topper can help revive the comfort of your old mattress but it will not return it to its original glory. In the following section, we shall learn how a mattress topper can enhance the comfort of your old mattress.

First off, you must consider the following points to understand whether you need just a mattress topper or a topper plus a mattress.

A mattress topper is an answer when;

  • Your mattress is in good condition but it is no longer as comfortable as it was when new.

A mattress topper is not an answer when;

  • Your mattress is lumpy
  • Has exposed interiors
  • Sagging

So how does it work?

A mattress topper can enhance the comfort of your mattress in two ways;

Adding a layer of cushion to the existing mattress

Adding extra support to the existing mattress

  • Extra cushion

When used for a long time, a mattress compresses and loses its comfort. The air cells become destroyed and this destroys the bouncing properties of the mattress. This makes the mattress very hard and uncomfortable.

As a result, sleeping on such a mattress risks you to back pains. If your mattress has these characteristics, then you need a good mattress to give it a new lease of life. In such a case, a topper with soft-medium firmness is ideal as best memory foam mattress topper.

This topper provides an extra layer of comfort to your old mattress. This makes it comfortable and gentle to sleep on than it was before the addition. With the extra cushion, the heavier parts of your body can sink a little to prevent the buildup of pressure that causes back pains.

  • Extra support

Over time, a mattress loses its support and starts feeling uncomfortable to sleep on. Continued use of such a mattress makes you vulnerable to back pains.

However, if your mattress is already unsupportive, sagging and uncomfortable a mattress topper can help to improve its comfort so that you can plan to acquire a new mattress. For unsupportive mattresses, a topper on the firmer side is ideal for the condition.

Such a topper provides enough support at pressure point areas and keeps your body properly aligned. This allows you to sleep comfortably. It also allows your body to sink a little into the mattress while spreading the body weight evenly across the surface. This is beneficial because it prevents the buildup of pressure to some specific parts.

  • Improves circulation

Continued use of a mattress over a long period destroys the venting system. This explains why old mattresses tend to feel hot after sometimes. In terms of design, mattress toppers are highly ventilated to allow for better airflow. Therefore adding it mattress topper on your old mattress not only add comfort but also help you to sleep cool saving you the hassle of hot-flashes and night sweat.

  • Reduces allergies symptoms

Most mattress toppers are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial; this means that they keep away harmful stuff such as allergens, bacteria, and molds away from your bed. Due to age, old mattresses host thousands of bacteria inside as well as dust mites.

Since a topper will sit on top of the mattress, it creates a barrier so nothing harmful can be exposed to your body. This allows you to sleep much better and wake up without a running nose or respiratory issues.


A mattress topper does not provide a lasting fix your old mattress. It is meant to enhance both comfort and support allowing you enough time to organize yourself for a new mattress. Make sure your mattress condition is not that bad if you want to see the benefits of a mattress topper.

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